The Board

The association operates according to the decisions of the annual general meeting, while the Board is responsible for its operational management. Project groups are established as required for organising events such as training and seminars, and for brainstorming and implementing research activities and publications.


Antti Lauri
Chairman (2011-2013)

I received my MA degree from the University of Helsinki in 2001 and my doctorate in 2006. I currently work as a lecturer in the Department of Physics at the University of Helsinki.


Pekka Koivisto
1st Deputy Chairman (2011-2013)

I am a member of the TEK Member Services committee. I am employed by the Financial Supervisory Authority which supervises the insurance sector, where I am mostly involved in legal work.


Martti Annanmäki
2nd Deputy Chairman (2011-2013)

Jyri Jämsä
Business Controller (2011-2012)

I came to Helsinki to study Computer Science in 1981 and entered full-time employment in 1989. I currently work as the Teamware product manager at Fujitsu Services Oy. I have been a member of the SMFL board since 1996.

Matti Kalliokoski
Executive Secretary, Deputy Member (2011-2012)

Born in 1979, I am currently carrying out advanced studies in Particle Physics at the University of Helsinki.

I work at the Helsinki Institute of Physics studying gas-filled particle detectors for the international FAIR research project.

Pirjo Silius-Miettinen
Chairman of the Communication Committee (2011-2015)

I am a physicist from Kuopio, and focused my primary studies on medical electronics. I have also studied civil law and economics.

I work at the Finnish Centre for Pensions .

Merja Korpela
Chairman of the Member Services Committee (2011-2012)

I hold an MA degree from the University of Helsinki, where I studied Computer Science. Over the years, I have worked in various interesting roles and have also been involved in the writing of magazine articles as well as two books on relation databases.

Lasse Paajanen
Education Officer, MAOL contact (2011-2012)

Currently retired, I used to be headmaster of a senior secondary school. I also chair the History Working Group of the Board.

Erkki Mervaala
Chairman of the Student Committee (2011-2013)

I am a Computer Science student at the University of Tampere, where I focus my studies on interactive technology. I will graduate in 2011-2012.

Timo Koski
Member of the Board (2011-2013)

Jouni Peltonen
Deputy member (2011-2012)

I hold an MA degree from the University of Helsinki, where I studied Mathematics. I have been employed by Fortum since finishing my studies. I work with information systems related to the automation and use of power stations.

Walter Rydman
Deputy member (2011-2012)


Ilpo Mäkinen
Deputy member (2011-2012)

Jyrki Martikainen

Jyrki Martikainen
Deputy member (2011-2012)

I study Physics at the University of Helsinki and also work there as a research assistant. I am interested in the well-being of the environment, i.e. humans and everything around us.

Marke Hongisto
Deputy member (2011-2012)

I am a physicist from the old department of Technical Physics at Helsinki University of Technology.
I study the long-range transport of air contaminants at the Finnish Meteorological Institute with the Hilatar model.


Jaana Sääksberg
SMFL contact



Heli Parjanen
MAL's Communication Officer