Joining MAL

Annual membership

Members of TEK that have an academic degree in Mathematics or Natural Sciences, with their primary focus of study in a discipline such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Geology, Environmental Sciences, Statistics or Computer Science, can apply for MAL membership.

A person whose foreign degree is an equivalent of the said Finnish academic degrees, or whose competence is equivalent to that provided by these degrees, can be approved as a member of MAL.

Student membership

Students of universities and technical universities can become student members of MAL when they begin their advanced-level studies (“laudatur” level). Student membership is free of charge. A student member does not need to apply for full membership after graduating, as the student membership will be changed to full membership once MAL is informed that the student has finished their studies.

Joining MAL

To join MAL, please fill in the membership information sheet on the TEK website.

  1. New MAL (and TEK) annual members fill in the TEK membership information sheet.
  2. New MAL (and TEK) student members fill in the TEK student member information sheet.
  3. Annual and student members of TEK can join MAL here (requires logging in to the TEK register).
  4. MAL’s annual and student members can update their membership details, such as contact, study, employment or IAET fund details, and current magazine subscriptions (incl. membership benefit magazines) via the TEK register.

MAL’s office processes the application form, and the applicant will receive the membership benefit magazines in approximately two weeks. Once the Board approves membership, the new member receives a written confirmation. After this, the member can log in to MAL’s website with their personal credentials (the member creates a username during the first login after being approved a member).

Membership fees

The annual membership fee of MAL members includes the IAET fund fee. For members that join mid-year, the membership fee is calculated for the remaining calendar months. Current membership fees as well as terms of any discounts (such as spouse discount, military/civilian service, unemployment, long-term sick leave) are listed on the TEK membership fees page.

Student membership is free of charge.

The annual membership fee can be paid in one instalment in February, which will entitle the payer to a discount, or in four instalments. The membership fee can also be paid via the online e-invoicing service of your bank.


To resign from the association, a member must inform the MAL Board in writing. A student member can inform the association of their resignation by calling the MAL office. However, if the student member is a member of an unemployment fund, they must inform the MAL office in writing. After the resignation letter has been processed, the member can no longer log in to MAL's website or TEK's membership register.

For more details on resignation or withdrawal of membership, please see Section 6 of the rules of the association.