MAL's members can avail themselves of all TEK benefits!

Employment services and lobbying

  • Lobbying on behalf of the private sector is conducted through the Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff (YTN), while lobbying for the public sector is done through the Public Sector Negotiating Commission (JUKO, previously AKAVA-JS).
  • Workplace-specific lobbying is organised by corporate associations and contact persons.
  • TEK’s research unit produces information on salary trends and also provides personal salary advice.

TEK influences education and labour market policies by

  • Promoting high-quality engineer and architect education;
  • Supporting entrepreneurship; and
  • Promoting individual professional development.

TEKrekry job portal: where great expectations meet

  • The TEKrekry recruitment services are available for TEK members and employers;
  • Career services;
  • TEK's career services support members in career planning, job-hunting and further education;
  • Promotion of personal development and life-long learning;
  • Advice for those going to work abroad.

Awards and encouragement for technical experts

  • TEK hands out an annual Finnish Engineering Award to acknowledge a notable technological innovation.
  • TEK promotes interest in technology by participating in the organisation of the Tutki-Kokeile-Kehitä (Study-Test-Develop) competition, and providing informative material for school students.

Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur?

  • TEK’s legal consultants provide entrepreneurship advice.

Insurance and advice

  • TEK offers fairly priced unemployment insurance through the IAET unemployment fund, and provides advice in matters related to social security.
  • The membership fee includes liability and legal expense insurance that covers legal expenses arising from contractual disputes up to EUR 11,774 (member is responsible for 15%, or a minimum of EUR 168), personal injury and material damages up to EUR 84,094 and property damages up to EUR 42,047 (member is responsible for EUR 84).
  • Life insurance from Sampo-Kaleva, tel. +358 10 514 4290
  • Accident, home, travel and car insurance from Pohjola, tel. +358 10 55 88 00
  • “Tuottoturva” pension and savings insurance from Pohjola, tel. +358 10 55 88 00
  • Individual managerial insurance from Heath Lambert Finland Oy, tel. +358 9 7740 6213
  • TEK's legal consultants provide advice on employment-related questions.

TEK promotes employability

  • By publishing guides for students;
  • By supporting on-the-job training and recruitment of students;
  • By providing salary guidance;
  • TEK's recruitment service also provides opportunities for Master’s thesis work.

Membership benefit magazines and other publications

  • Tekniikka & Talous
  • Talouselämä (or Forum för ekonomi och teknik)
  •, free of charge for all magazine subscribers and all students
  • The TEK magazine
  • Members' calendar
  • Contract Guide, a guide for working abroad, and other TEK publications and reports, available online in PDF format.

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