MAL’s members are entitled to use TEK's services, which include the following:

  • Protection of interests;
  • Unemployment insurance;
  • Liability and legal expense insurance;
  • Membership services provided by TEK’s office and information bulletins to members;
  • Discounts on insurance, etc. for TEK and AKAVA members; and
  • Magazines: Tekniikka & Talous, Talouselämä and the TEK magazine.

Apart from these, MAL's members receive the following benefits:

  • MAL’s membership bulletins;
  • Opportunity to participate in events organised by the association, such as training, seminars and visits; and
  • Opportunity to promote the position of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in Finland by active participation in the work of the association.


The association organises training for its members. Membership bulletins inform the members of the work of the association as well as training and other events that are of interest to the members. Members can also contribute articles to the bulletins.